Episode 26: Ramy Antoun, A&F Drum Co. Founder

This week’s #drumtrepreneur, Ramy Antoun, created A&F Drum Co. This team of nine creates drums inspired by drums–and companies–from 100 years ago. Ramy and team are nearing the finish of year two of their hundred-year business plan.

Handmade Cymbals: The Personalties Behind the Art

Our conversation with Ray Byrne of Byrne Cymbals and A&F Oddities got us thinking… among drummers, we tend to focus on larger cymbal makers. We’re all familiar with The Big Four: Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Meinl. But did you know that there is a small and growing cohort of handmade cymbalsmiths?

Episode 21: Drumkubes founders Sterling and Braden

We’re talking about one of the hottest new drum accessories: Drumkubes, the most fun way to optimize your bass drum. Concept to production to sales, patent pending, and a community of followers all within six months!