Episode 6: Rich Redmond of the Jason Aldean Band

Rich Redmond’s drumming is the heartbeat of more than 20 #1 singles, and live performances in front of more than two million people each year. He’s recorded and toured for 18 years with the 2016 Country Music Awards Entertainer of the Year, Jason Aldean, and was the same year voted Modern Drummer Country Drummer of the Year.

As a producer, Rich leads New Voice Entertainment, developing talent including Thompson Square and Parmalee, resulting in three #1 hits to date.

Rich works as a speaker and educator, presenting his CRASH Course For Success. He’s appeared at PASIC, is adjunct faculty at Musicians Institute and Drummers Collective, and writes for Modern Drummer, Drum!, and other magazines.

Rich endorses DW drums, Sabian cymbals, Pro Mark drumsticks, Remo drumheads, Roland electronics, Latin Percussion, Audio Technica microphones, Cympad felts, Humes and Berg cases, and Prologix practice pads.

The Rich Redmond story richredmond.com
18 years with Jason Aldean
Making it as a musician
Live setup with Jason Aldean
Working with his tech, Jon Hull
Working with Pro Mark, DW, and H&B to develop signature gear
Pro Mark Rich Redmond Active Grip 595 drumstick
DW Black Sheep bass drum beater
Rich’s favorite cymbals:
Sabian 20” HHX Evolution Ride
Sabian 24” AA Bash Ride
Sabian 21” Holy China
Motivational speaking: CRASH Course for Success crashcourseforsuccess.com
Rich’s acting career richacts.com
Rich’s podcast, Pick Rich’s Brain richredmond.com/podcasts/
Drumming in the Modern World: the “keys to the castle” for making it as a drummer in Nashville drumminginthemodernworld.com

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