Episode 8: Dan Radin on Curse of the Marketer with Brady Sadler

Here’s a special bonus episode. I was asked my lifelong friend, Brady Sadler, to appear on his new podcast called Curse of the Marketer. We talked aboutDrum Showroom, both the podcast and the business, and I share more about the journey that lead me to starting this work.

I also share an incredibly powerful exercise that has been life-altering for me, and wanted to share it with his and our listeners on the chance that it inspires anyone else toward action in service of their best life. It’s called the 10-Year Plan for a Remarkable Life, and I first heard it on the Tim Ferriss Show from his guest, Debbie Millman, who in turn got it from her mentor, Milton Glaser. You can get more info on the exercise here: tim.blog/2017/01/12/how-to-de…life-debbie-millman/ and yourtenyearplan.com/

Listen to Drum Showroom Episode 8 here, and please subscribe and leave a review if you like what I’m doing. It would really mean a lot.

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