Episode 9: Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Phil Smith and Jon Chalden

Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast is a podcast featuring two Atlanta-based working professional drummers, Phil Smith and Jon Chalden. DWG was hugely influential on me in starting Drum Showroom and I was thrilled they said yes to appearing on the show so I could say thanks… and geek out with them about gear!

Show notes:
•Jon Chalden and Phil Smith backgrounds
•What I think makes DWG great
•Being authentic
•Jon’s top drummer influences: Jeff Porcaro, Al Jackson, Jr., and Steve •Gadd
•Phil’s top drummer influences: Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, and Vinnie Colaiuta
•We all pull out our Gretsch Drums Fan Club cards and nerd out
•Jon’s favorite snare: a 60s Ludwig COB 5×14 Super Ludwig
•Phil’s favorite snare: a 60s Ludwig 3×13 Bebop
•Brass hoops and die cast hoops
•Hoop height, material, and feel
•Anti-detuning solutions: Lug Locks, Rhythm Tech Index Tension, Tight Screw, Bolt Tight, those counter-locking nuts
•Pro drummer hacks!
•Floor tom sustain management ideas
•Spare drumheads on demand
•New Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast shows every Monday on Apple/iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud and more
•More at facebook.com/drummersweeklygroovecast and twitter.com/dwgroovecast

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