Episode 13: Kenny Sharretts, Pro Drum Tech with Janet, Train, Rihanna, Stevie… (Part 2)

Kenny Sharretts is the guy who makes your favorite drummers look and sound their best. In this second part of our conversation, we get way into tuning methods, tips, and tricks. We talk a lot about tuning approaches for different types of music and playing well with microphones for live applications. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the first part of our conversation here.



Kenny shares some of the things he taught Train drummer Drew Shoals about head and stick selection to make his job easier. This is part of a bigger topic in being open to learning from everyone around you. He also shares a story about working with Stevie Wonder drummer Stanley Randolph and improvising his way to Motown-type sound in the middle of an international tour.


Some of his many stories from the road include an exploded bass drum pedal in the middle of Live Aid, having to sub in for drummers mid-show, destroying Kenny Aronoff’s monitor mix, dancing with Rihanna’s dancers, and so much more.

Kenny is running a giveaway on his YouTube channel. Check out his new video, The Greatest Drum Tuning Trick Ever! Subscribe to Kenny’s channel, share it, and post SUBSCRIBED & SHARED in the video comments. You’ll be entered to win a prize pack including two Evans drum keys, an Evans Drill Bit drum key, two Evans Heavyweight drumheads, a Pintech trigger with Trigger Trap, a Monster cable, Puresound snares, and two pairs of Pro Mark 5B Forward Balance Active Grip sticks.
Go check out Kenny at kennysharretts.net and go see him and Lil John Roberts on Janet Jackson’s State of the World tour! And if you’re in Austin, see Kenny with his bands Super Fleek and So-Called Underground.



Listen to Drum Showroom Episode 13 here, if you haven’t heard it yet, check out the first part of this interview here, and please subscribe and leave a review if you like what I’m doing. It would really mean a lot.

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