Episode 18: Year-End Review and Season Two Preview


Looking back on our first season, looking at Drum Showroom by the numbers, and looking ahead to next season.



Drum Showroom got off to a crawl in October with an inauspicious Episode 1. I decided to try talking into a microphone to see if I liked how I sounded. And frankly, I wasn’t sure I did. I felt I was stiff and robotic. Unnatural, lacking personality.

But then, something magical happened. I interviewed my wife, Emily, in Episode 2, and everything changed. I realized that while I might not have had natural talent for talking about myself to entertain others, I liked what I heard having that conversation with her.

That lead me to conversations with drummers like Rich Redmond, Aaron Comess, and Carter McLean, makers like Josh Allen of INDe, Nick Jones of Noble & Cooley, and Fred Beato; drum tech Kenny Sharretts, and more. I’ve been thrilled at the quality and range of guests, and the level of detail we’ve been able to discuss.

What I continually hear from listeners and guests is that there isn’t another outlet—print, blog, podcast, or video—as deeply focused and passionate about drum gear only. And that’s the lane we’re staying in.


I want to give you a Drum Showroom Annual Report: Drum Showroom by the numbers. We launched on October 4, and have delivered 17 episodes in less than 90 days. The show has been listened to more than 3,500 times as of the end of 2017. While most of the traffic comes from America, on iPhones and iTunes, followed by Soundcloud, we’ve enjoyed listenership from 44 countries with the rest of the top 10 made up of Australia, Canada, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Listeners are most frequently finding Drum Showroom through Instagram, Soundcloud algorithms, Facebook, Drum Forum.org, the DrummerWorld forums, and Google search.


We recently launched the 3-minute/10-question Drum Showroom Listener Survey to learn more about what you like and dislike about that show, and to help plan Season Two. Your favorite episodes were Carter McLean and Josh Allen with all-five-star ratings, followed by Fred Beato and Kenny Sharretts, with Aaron Comess and John DeChristopher right behind them.


We’re taking a break for a couple of weeks to rest and begin production of Season Two. If you haven’t yet, please take three minutes to share your thoughts on the Listener Survey!

We’ll be back the last week of January with new episodes kicking off with master craftsman Ronn Dunnett, drummer and beat maker Steven Wolf who you’ve heard on all of the pop hits in recent memory; drum tech, historian, and woodworker Kenton Bell; The Loop Loft CEO, Ryan Gruss; Ludwig’s Terry Bissette, and that’s just the start.


As I have done on every episode, I want to encourage you to do the show and broader drumming community a favor and please leave a rating and written review wherever you get your podcasts so it’s easier for a other drum gear aficionados to find.

And as always, thank you for your support, thank you for listening, and have a happy new year!



Listen to Drum Showroom Episode 18 here, and please subscribe and leave a review if you like what I’m doing. It would really mean a lot.

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