Episode 21: Drumkubes founders Sterling and Braden

In this episode we’re talking with the founders of one of the hottest new drum accessories on the market. Our guests conceived of, prototyped, filed patent for, produced, began sale of, and built a community of followers for their product within about six months. And it made in the US. Impressive. Here they are: Sterling and Braden from Drumkubes, the most fun way to optimize your bass drum.

My neighbor, Daniel, at the Drumheads Podcast did a super in-depth interview with the guys in this episode. So you can learn all about their backgrounds in more detail. We focused in this mini-show on the inspiration behind the creation of Drumkubes, how the guys arrived at the design, sizes, and densities of the models they arrived at.

The spark behind Drumkubes was the desire to have an instantly adjustable and visually interesting approach to managing bass drum dampening. Since you’re wondering, yes, they guys have tested ‘Kubes inside toms and snares too! We discussed some interesting other ways people have muffled bass drums, and I share way I tried—and failed—to muffle my bass drum as a kid!

It’s a great story: product idea in the summer, for sale by the fall, website’s up at drumkubes.com; 1700 Instagram followers at @drumkubes. I love it. Made in the USA, simple product, affordable, well executed to make your drums sound better. Sterling and Braden from drumkubes.

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