[Gigs] Seeking Creative Professionals for Podcast Production: Audio Engineers/Mixers/Producers, Writers/Bloggers/Social Media, Graphic Designers, Voice-Over Artists, Composers/Sound Designers, Hosts/Reporters

The Drum Showroom production team is growing. We are creating work for creative professionals to help Drum Showroom and other podcasts make better shows more easily, and save time by building an on-demand production talent corps.

We are seeking the following disciplines:

  • Engineers/Mixers/Producers – take raw audio and transform it into compelling stories through the art of storytelling, editing, mixing, and mastering
  • Writers/Bloggers/Social Media – create blog and social media posts, guest landing pages, write show newsletters, and manage community engagement
  • Graphic Designers – design show logos, episode cover art, infographics, and other visual elements to compliment audio podcasts including potential for motion graphics and animation
  • Voice-Over Artists – record show intro and outro reads and potential for commercials and other promotional work including audiobooks, e-learning, and more
  • Composers/Sound Designers – compose show theme music, bed music, sound effects and other interstitial content to help elevate stories and highten emotion
  • Hosts/Reporters – help brands and creative teams be providing your personality and journalism skills

Drum Showroom is created in Asheville, NC, but you can be anywhere in the world as long as you speak english, are a good communicator, are reliable and professional, and own your own tools, systems, and software needed to deliver great work product on time.

Please note that there will be limited volunteer work, as we are getting started with this production model, but we will not abuse you or your time, and you will be paid after you make a small contribution to our library of volunteer work that we are using to secure paying clients.

Are you a production rockstar? Want podcast experience? Contact us and let’s talk today.


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