Introducing Drum Showroom Outlet

One of the themes that’s been common among conversations with drummers, makers, and listeners has been that everybody loves a deal.

That’s why Drum Showroom has partnered with Ludwig to launch Drum Showroom Outlet.


What is an outlet? Anne Coughlan and David Soberman describe it in their INSEAD paper, A Survey of Outlet Mall Retailing: Past, Present, and Future.

The concept of outlet stores extends back more than a century, when apparel and shoe factory stores on the East Coast of the United States began to offer excess or damaged goods to employees at price discounts. After some time, the factory stores started to sell to non- employees as well. Generally these stores were located on the grounds of the factory where the goods were actually produced. In 1936, Anderson-Little (a men’s clothing manufacturer) opened the first set of outlet stores not adjacent to the factory, all of which were nevertheless located far from primary retail centers. From then until the 1970’s, outlet stores served primarily to dispose of excess or damaged merchandise, in isolated single-store locations.


Drum Showroom Outlet leverages Dan Radin’s drum-industry relationships to deliver outstanding deals on drum gear. Every manufacturer struggles to sell through B-stock, which is the term used for a variety of equipment:

  1. Cosmetically blemished
  2. Open-box items from demos, trade shows, or clinics
  3. Customer returns

B-stock does NOT refer to sonically, mechanically, or functionally defective drums, and Drum Showroom Outlet categorically refuses any items that have any functional issues whatsoever.

Drum Showroom has selected Ludwig USA snare drums as launch partner for the outlet due to our close geographic proximity: Ludwig’s factory in Monroe, North Carolina is just 160 miles from Drum Showroom headquarters in Asheville, NC. That enables Dan to personally inspect and select the best of the best snare drums in Ludwig’s B-stock inventory. And you have his personal guarantee that each drum’s condition is documented, detailed, and described for total transparency and honesty.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 3.46.25 PM
Drum Showroom Outlet benefits every part of the drumming community

By focusing on B-stock, Drum Showroom Outlet gets drummers access to more-affordable gear. It benefits manufacturers by helping them clear out difficult-to-sell inventory and freeing up their working capital to invest in R&D and purchasing larger quantities of raw materials to encourage future price improvements. And it even benefits drum retailers, who may themselves have difficulty selling open-box and customer-return items within their retail concept.

Over time, Drum Showroom Outlet will be adding new suppliers, from larger companies like Ludwig, to smaller creators who suffer from the same B-stock challenges on a smaller scale. If you are a drum company, a drum maker, or a retail shop that would like to take advantage of Drum Showroom Outlet’s unique model, please contact Dan. And of if you’re a drummer looking for a particular drum, set, or other item; or even a recommendation, don’t hesitate to hit the contact link and send a note.

Like the Drum Showroom Podcast, Drum Showroom Outlet is a love letter to the drum community. Whereas the podcast facilities sharing of stories and information, the outlet facilities exchange of a different class of goods the helps everyone in the drumming value chain. It’s Dan’s objective to create and share value with the drumming community and be a positive force for music-making.

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